Transitional Support Services

Oasis Youth Care understands that youth leaving care have had a difficult start to life and that on their journey to a successful independent adult experience, they may encounter significant barriers. However, we do strongly believe that with the right quality of support, these youth will build their capabilities and go on to become valuable members of our communities. This conviction is behind our motivation for designing evidence-based services that are strength-based, individualized and collaborative. Our youth-focused programming focuses on 3 key areas:
- Life
Empowers young people by supporting them in learning how to direct their lives and achieve educational, employment, health and overall transition-to-adulthood goals.
This 12-week curriculum-based service is delivered in One-on-One and Small Group Coaching sessions.
- Life Skills Training 
Support young people learn specific adaptable abilities for the workplace and everyday life. Delivered sometimes in collaboration with existing community resources, this service is youth-centered and tailor-made to fill learning gaps so they do not fall through the gaps.
- Mentoring 
Central to our program model is the belief that youth ageing out of care can succeed just as well as their peers in the general population if they have a structured and trusted adult role-model to support them in a proactive, gradual and extended transition process to adulthood.