Our Philosophy

Central to our program model is the key belief that despite a difficult start to life, youth from care can thrive and succeed, as youth in the general population, when they are supported with a gradual and extended evidence-based transition process.

Program Justification

Findings across studies that explore youth outcomes after ageing-out of care have identified a common convergence. Irrespective of time, place, and research methodology, the data paints a consistently dismal picture for youth outcomes after ageing-out, compared to their same age peers in the general population.

Generally, these youth fail to make a successful transition to independent living because of

+ underdeveloped life skills

+ inadequate education and academic achievements

+ lower levels of physical and emotional well-being and

+ lack of a stable and trusted support system that most young people rely on when moving into adulthood.


Source: The transition from state care to adulthood: International examples of best practices