Board of Directors

Cesar Lauper

Cesar Lauper is a 30 year veteran in the financial services industry with a passion to helping people succeed in achieving their life’s goals. He is the owner of Sipan Capital, a company focused on financial planning services with emphasis on investment portfolios and estate planning. Radio Host for “Money Matters” on WDCX.
Cesar believes that nurture, love, direction and hope can be powerful in the transformation of people who are looking for meaning in their lives.

Cary Gordon

Owner/CEO of Totally Fit: Personal Training Consultants Cary has been involved in the fitness industry for 25 years. He has appeared on CTV’s, Global TV, and 100 Huntley Street and he has worked with the following companies AMJ Campbell, Becton Dickinson, Alcatel, and Xerox. Cary developed a passion to see lives changed through healthy and active living. He’s been a trailblazer in the ever-changing fitness industry through his personal training and projects like helping establish the first CrossFit gym in Burlington. Cary has always had a heart towards the training and development of young adults whether teaching at the high school level, coaching teams. or running day camp electives.

Veronica Kulyanyingi

Veronica is a Registered Nurse currently working with Halton Healthcare and First Nations communities in Northern Ontario. She has 15 years' experience as a community development specialist, in 23 developing countries. Veronica is also a volunteer in the local Oakville community, specifically empowering youth and young adults. She currently lives in Oakville with her Husband, Peter, and 3 children.

Grace Udodong

Grace Udodong is a passionate and skilled youth care professional with 18+ years working with vulnerable and at-risk youth and their families, especially those from disadvantaged racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. With outstanding competence in counselling, advocacy, program management and community education, Grace is most focused on helping youth overcome barriers and make successful transitions to independence and competence in adulthood.

A certified Life Coach and Christian Counsellor (in-training), Grace is an alumni of the prestigious CYW Program at Humber College and holds a Master’s Degree in Education Development from the University of East Anglia, Norwich - England.
She is also the author of an inspiring memoir "Valley of Beautiful Whispers".

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